Used Guns

At Liberty Firearms, we gladly buy, sell and trade used firearms. Here are a few things to consider before bringing in your firearm:

  • Please unload the firearm and all magazines that go with it before bringing it in to the shop.
  • The firearm must be brought in to the shop or to a gun show in order for us to inspect it. We cannot give a price over the phone or through email for a trade.
  • Definitely try to bring in anything associated with the firearm. This can help increase the value in trade and cash. Things to look for are boxes, cases, manuals, holsters, magazines and other accessories that go with your firearm.
  • Keep in mind that quoting outside sources such as other dealers or GunBroker doesn’t help us. While the firearm may be selling for that price for those people, we aren’t necessarily able to meet that. Remember, this is a business and we have to be able to make a few dollars on anything in the shop or at a show.

We are not able to accept any firearms that are damaged beyond the ability to function. We also do not deal in any black powder firearms.